Latest work in progress at PC Workshop Warrington involves a “wont start” computer from Runcorn, the customer didn’t want the HP tower repairing and had taken it into a local computer shop where the response he told us was “very negative” and costly as the hard drive was not being displayed in windows explorer, even on another computer.

Here at PC Workshop we can recover data from “Windows Dead” hard drives utilising a combination of programmes and experience and have achieved some amazing results not only from windows based operating systems but also from Apple Macs.

We pride ourselves on a mentality of never giving up and will strive to recover peoples precious photos etc. Of course we get paid for doing the recovery but there’s a satisfaction when you reunite customers with their “lost” photo’s and documents.

PC Workshop could inform the customer almost immediately that his work was going to be recovered and returned to him on an external hard drive that he purchased from us as his HP Tower had reached the end of its useful life.

He also bought a refurbished laptop from us which is still guaranteed by PC Workshop from any hard ware faults. All in all a very satisfied customer which is what our business is all about.

Data recovery is a specialty of ours, if your in this situation just give Kevin a ring on 01925 713359