usb memory stick

PC Workshop are establishing a good reputation for recovering peoples lost data and work etc. as it seems a regular occurrence of late that even back up systems can fail at times especially the USB memory sticks.

PC Workshop has virtually all the latest data recovery programmes and other procedures at our disposal but now and again its the old methods that get results, as was the case in this instance.

usb innards

After cloning the device to eradicate any further damage to data we then proceeded to repair all the damaged files before attempting to extract them to a fresh hard drive! This is the most delicate part of the operation as to whether it sinks or swims, but being on a cloned drive is not the end of the world if it were to fail as the original drive and its contents are still safe.

data recovery

On this occasion the data could be seen but only in a fragmented form of damaged files which basically are of little use, so it was on to plan B which entails a different method of rescue, after a couple of hours scanning and then repairing the file system the files could be transferred to an external source ready to be reunited with their owner.

PC Workshop will employ various methods to achieve a result as we appreciate the potential disaster lost data can cause, and will persevere to achieve a positive result.

Data Recovery by PC Workshop is successful in 90% of cases and if you require our services give us a ring on 01925 713359 or if really urgent 07729 917926 as that’s the hotline to our data specialist