It seems by results of late that people are waking up to the fact that they need an automatic back up procedures in place as a number of customers have taken up our cut price deal of £25 for this service, money well spent as a system failure can cost a whole lot more if data, photos etc has to be recovered with far more expensive recovery programmes.

data recovery (2)_optProbably the best way to safe guard our ever increasing amount of data is to have two copies which is a fool proof method so we never risk our cherished photos of yesteryear, not just to remind us but also a keepsake for our children etc. for as they say a picture paints a thousand words.

PC Workshop has just recovered 18Gb of data for a customer which has taken several days to complete and even with our competitive pricing structure it amounts to a costly job. If only they had come to us beforehand! But we’re all in the “it won’t happen to me” frame of mind.

data problem
For £25 it’s the deal of the century and takes us about 30 minutes to install and configure.

Contact PC Workshop 01925 713359 to arrange an installation or for any other system problem.