A local well known clubland singer brought his laptop in as he had inadvertently reformatted his laptop hard drive whilst attempting to do a system restore as the system was running very slowly but in doing so had lost all his data including his photos and more importantly his musical backing tracks.

Now when hard drives are formatted the data is still evident using recovery programmes but as time goes by it gets eroded by being over written with fresh data as its collected and saved.

Fortunately PC Workshop invested in what we feel is the cutting edge of innovation as regards data recovery programmes and after several scans located all the chaps information and after scanning for viruses etc. restored all his lost tracks along with much loved photo memories.hard drive

PC Workshop then completed the work by organising his information into the correct folders as it was still a mish mash due to the fact the operating system was windows XP while being a very good o/s lacked the organisational dexterity of the later Windows 7.

A final helping hand was to download Win-amp which was the customers preferred programme for music play back and import his tracks and play lists so he was ready to rock n roll. For this he gave us a round of applause (literally) 🙂

If you find yourself in a similar position all is not lost, our advice is to STOP using the system as the more you search for your lost data the more you’re actually over writing it!!!

Contact PC Workshop on 01925 713359 and let us cure the heartache, we’re as good as settlers sometimes 🙂