PC Workshops recently purchased two state of the art recovery programmes to extend our database of data retrieval software and within hours of implementing we’re asked to recover 20 years of family photographs which catalogue the children growing up and a whole host of holidays etc. from an external hard drive enclosure. The people who owned it were distraught at the fact that all their memories where lost forever.

data recovery (2)_optThey had attached it to an apple mac to back up the system and when prompted to erase before back up could be completed had clicked the button to delete!!! They realised within a minute or so and yanked the power from the the drive which didn’t help matters as it simply corrupted the data left on the enclosure.

We explained that while all may seem lost there are methods that can recover data that maybe take a while but with diligence and patience we should gain a positive result.

Our older recovery programmes would probably have achieved the same result but the speed of this new technology was impressive and its always nice to settle the nerves of a customer a.s.a.p. unfortunately we couldn’t give this assurance immediately as the data was not only deleted but the drive had also been corrupted to boot!

That said, this was a painstaking job as the partition wasn’t even showing up and the drive was asking to be formatted before it could be “seen” in windows. The chaps wife was not best pleased with the apparent loss of their children’s history and we doubled our efforts to retrieve the pics.lady crying_opt

Three days later we finally achieved our goal and nearly 40Gb of photographs were restored to our in house recovery system.

We then reformatted the external drive and scanned the data for problems before transferring it back to the hard drive, and reuniting them with their memories.

We can install a automatic back up system from as little as £25 which saves a heap of heartbreak later.

If you require our recovery services or have any other system problem please ring our office – 01925 713359

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