A PC Workshop engineer has just returned from a customer in Great Sankey. The customers Packard Bell computer tower was running really slow due to several viruses and trojans, a scenario we tend to see on a regular basis generally through a lack of a decent security package which includes a firewall, that coupled with general maintenance which includes monthly scan by a couple of malware program’s such as spybot, super anti-spyware etc. which are free online.

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The engineer managed to remove the some of the virus’s and  problems on-site but it was decided to take away the infected computer as it’s response time still  wasn’t significantly improved.

PC Workshop loaned the customer a computer while theirs was repaired so  they didn’t have that “lost my right arm syndrome”. and could check email and surf the web safely.snail
The customer was lrunning sloweft quite happy in the knowledge that their computer would be back the following day, refreshed and as fast as  it was  when new! With an excellent security package installed.

Once on our workbench their hard drive is removed and the customers data safely secured on our server we can go about reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling a clean operating system with all the latest drivers that it will require including a printer driver (as the disc is mislaid). A quality security package is installed and data scanned before being transferred  back to the relevant folders on the customers system.

The turnaround time for a job like this is sometimes same day but certainly within 24 hours, the difference to the system speed is amazing “like having a new system” was the customers words.
You would be quite surprised at how much quicker and more efficient your computer would be after PC Workshop have reformatted the  system with no loss of data.

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