PC Workshop received a call from a new customer in  St. Helens asking to  bring in his badly virus infected Windows 8  Laptop on which he had precious photos and flight ticket information that were no longer accessible to him.

virus_optHe did have  a poor  security package installed (one of the free ones) but had been opening email that was of a dubious nature which incorporated a very nasty virus that had taken over all the executable files on his system rendering his pride and joy laptop useless.

We removed his corrupt hard drive and utilising another PC workshop computer as a slave rescued all his documents, photos etc before removing the offending viruses and malware.

A thorough scan of his documents was then conducted prior to transferring them back to his Sony Laptop and installing a good security package and firewall  which will safeguard him in the future!

He actually collected his laptop at 8pm due to his work commitments as he knew with prior arrangement this was possible with our family run business.

If you’re looking for a security package or Trojan / virus removal please contact our workshop.