PC Workshop received an urgent call out to a business in Widnes who said their computer virus protection had expired and they hadn’t bothered to renew it!! Their computer systems have been left unguarded and now their PCs are running slow and struggling with applications. This is probably due to a computer virus or Trojan that needs to be removed from the computer.sleepy pc

Our original diagnostic was proved to be correct as the amount of malware and unwanted add-ons was at a serious level. Thankfully, here at PC Workshop covering Widnes, Warrington and St.Helens we can loan them a computer while we remove the virus from their computer system and just as important from their network!!, get them back on track and keep the wheels turning so to speak!

Is Your PC running slowly ?

Do you suspect you have a computer virus ? If so, then get in touch with PC Workshop in Warrington who are specialists in Computer Virus Removal on laptops, Computer Towers or Works Computers

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