PC Workshop see plenty of systems both laptops and PC’s that would truly benefit from a little TLC, the difference it makes to a system is enormous and you don’t have to be without it for days on end, with a little for thought you could have it back the same day with our pre-booking system.
All computers tend to get slower after months of use. This happens because junk data tends to accumulate and slow down your system, fragmenting your hard drive and more. Just some of the pitfalls are listed below.

Taking longer for your computer to start up or shut down?
Having to restart your computer because of lockups?
Receiving error messages?
Sluggish or seem to run very slowly?
Programs not responding or crashing?

At PC Workshop we are well trained and armed with our diagnostic checkup list to go over every aspect of your computer that could be causing it to slow down. With our computer tune up service, we want to make sure your computer is optimised to the best of its ability and get it working like new.
Our computer tune up service includes:

Delete temporary files
Remove internet cached files and cookies
Remove unused programs
Clean old entries from Windows registry
Delete shortcuts from startup to speed up system
Defragment hard drive to improve file access speed
Reorganise start menu items into folders
Update antivirus definitions if installed

Don’t suffer through using a slow computer. The problem will only grow worse over time and its far cheaper than a replacement!
PC Workshop offers the help—and friendly service—that you’ve been looking for.

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Contact PC Workshop if your having similar problems  or any computer /Mac issues!

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