PC Workshop in Warrington received a phone call from a customer living in Westbrook. Her son had recommended us which is the best advert around.

The lady had a Toshiba laptop that would start up, and then stick on the windows screen going no further into the boot up cycle, it would then reboot and continue going through this same cycle time after time! Hence help was required to restore it to its former glory.

Kevin from PC Workshop took her call and arranged to call and collect the customers laptop. In a case like this its a matter of running a few tests to determine the cause of the failed booting up / system start up, which can take a few hours. The resulting test proved that the hard drive was the root cause of the problem and would require replacement!

PC Workshop contacted the lady to explain the diagnostics and go through her options including a refurbished laptop if she felt that her old Toshiba had outlasted its usefulness.

She decided to have it repaired and a new hard drive was fitted and her Windows 7 operating system reinstalled along with all the drivers and ancillary programmes that she would require including a good security package.

We also retrieved her old data from her damaged hard drive and once scanned for viruses etc. was transferred to her new hard drive, so she didn’t lose any photos, music or documents.

acer laptop

PC Workshop returned the laptop to the lady’s home and reinstated her broadband along with her Epson printer, after running through some maintenance that we suggest all our customers carry out say once a month we left a very happy customer to get back to her Facebook.

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