Our latest work involves a customers system from Padgate,Warrington with a major hard drive problem, his HP tower wouldn’t boot to windows 7 and feared his work was lost which included a database going back several years along with his contact list and previous sales records! protect data

PC Workshop come across this situation on a regular basis as we all intend to back our  data but seldom do. First course of action was to rescue the work using a PC Workshop computer as a master computer and the customers as a slave hard drive, so it wasn’t necessary to boot from his hard drive!

Once this is done PC Workshop, can extract the data and save it to an external drive for re installation later, the hard drive was actually corrupt but not scrap! We reformatted the drive and then reinstalled the operating system and all the previous  data after scanning it for viruses, trojans etc.

PC Workshop also installed an automatic back up system to ensure a recurrence of the situation didn’t occur

The payment for our time and effort was fair but the relieved expression on the customers face for not losing the work was priceless.

TOP TIP – we know its a chore but a back up system relieves stress in the long run!laptop repair

PC Workshop repair all makes of computer towers and have a ready arsenal of hard drives should the need arise!

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