PC Workshop has just had a long standing customer return from Appleton which is always nice to see. His Dell computer towers hard drive was chock a block and was performing so slowly it was similar to running in glue!

PC Workshop carry a good stock of refurbished computer towers as well as laptops and the customer decided to take advantage of a special deal PC Workshop offered him.

He purchased a DELL Computer tower and PC Workshop backed up his computer data transferred all his old documents, photos, etc to his “new” tower after running security scans which also released space on his old desktop (also a DELL) PC Workshop then ran scans on the actual system files on the older DELL and generally cleaned the system which resulted in a much faster computer.

PC Workshop continued to download the latest drivers for his HP printer and installed it ready to run.

If you’re having a similar scenario with a SLOW PC or any computer problems, give us a ring I’m sure PC Workshop can help.

We offer a full range of computer repairs warrington and here to advice you on your faulty laptop or computer tower.