PC Workshop received a DELL computer tower from a customer in Chapelford with no power whatsoever even though there was a green light showing on the power supply unit (P.S.U.) We fitted a new P.S.U. and the chaps computer was restored to full usage but running slower than it was capable of!

PC Workshop proceeded to clean out the CPU fan and a thorough clean of the inside of the computer as dust and fluff are a computers enemy when they block up the vital cooling channels that computers require to run efficiently.

PC Workshop also added extra memory to really give the system a boost and its speed was improved by around 30%.

The customer collected his computer tower an hour after he’d dropped it in, more than a little pleased by our efforts to have him functional over the weekend.

If you have a slow running computer or laptop it needn’t cost a fortune to put things right. A bit of TLC works wonders.

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