M4031M-4205PC Workshop Warrington are currently working on a HP all in one computer with a damaged 23″ screen, a very tidy piece of kit which was running windows 8 but sadly not on a touch screen which we feel is quite paramount to the success of this genre!

Windows 8 without a touchscreen is akin to having an Ipad or even iPhone but having to use a mouse to operate it, pretty ludicrous I think you’d agree.

The sad part for the customer is that the screen is only available from HP direct which will cost over half the initial outlay for it to be repaired. At the time of writing this we are waiting for further instructions as the kit is only 6 months old but didn’t carry accidental cover. OUCH!

This scenario is very unusual as screens are generally readily available from suppliers and we fit them on a daily basis on a very quick turnaround time. (30 mins)

If you have a computer screen problem give us a ring whether it be a computer or laptop screen we can help.

For computer repairs Warrington call 01925 713359