The answer is anyone who relies on a computer to hold anything precious! Those photos of a wedding, christening etc. cant be replaced and data recovery can be a costly affair which can be avoided by having an automatic programme set up to create a stand by collection of all that matters to you on your system. protect data

We all assume it wont happen to me but as the word is pronounced (ass out of u and me) it most likely will and usually at the most inconvenient time. Hard drives do NOT have an infinite life and while some last for years others can fail within months of first being used, a bit like an en electric light bulb! “it was working yesterday” is a common term we  hear on a regular basis.

PC Workshop cannot stress hard enough the positives of good house keeping on a system which has to include an inbuilt back up programme, for as little as £25 we can install and configure an application to copy your chosen data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis  and so safeguard your memories or important documents etc.

Don’t put it off for another day! Contact PC Workshop to arrange an  installation.

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