PC Workshop in Warrington had a customer in today from Lymm with the West Yorkshire police virus on his screen, blocking out any icons etc, rendering his computer useless. Sometimes its a quick fix and others not so, its a case of trying different methods until you get behind it and destroy it and remove the virus.

Just as well he knows what this costs before he leaves his tower with PC Workshop, happy in the knowledge it will be back with him today! Without losing all his data or his priceless photos etc.

Take a scenario that one day you turned on your PC and suddenly a message pop up saying that your computer is locked by South Yorkshire Police due to your involvement in illegal action online? You need to pay money by Ukash to unlock your computer. This has you scared and attempts to make you think what is South Yorkshire Police Virus what to do next?

The quick answer is contact PC Workshop 01925 713359

How South Yorkshire Police Virus Enters Windows PC ?

“How the Malware Enters Windows PC ?” It is one of the common question which strikes in your mind when your computer gets infected with harmful threats like South Yorkshire Police. Usually, it happens that you protect your computer with powerful antivirus tool and also update Firewall but still you find that your computer gets infected with malicious threats. It happens because cyber criminals have created this threat using such techniques that easily bypasses your system security software and creates security loopholes in your computer for the safe and easy entry of virus. By means of following medium it easily penetrates your PC:

1. Visiting malicious websites.
2. Clicking suspicious links.
3. Freeware and shareware downloads
4. Network Drive infections.
5. Opening infected email attachments.
6. Executable code attack.
7.Use of infected removable storage devices.

Also known as West South Yorkshire Police, South Yorkshire Police is a another ransomware virus designed by hackers to lock computer screen to earn ransom/penalty. In order to cheat naive users easily, the interface of the South Yorkshire Police is designed similar to legal organisation. But in reality this scam malware aim to steal any of your files and information. Compared to other fake malware, South Yorkshire Police is more aggressive and defensive in nature. Whatever may be source of virus invasion, once it access your computer, it configured itself to start automatically when system is turned on. Gradually, it take control over the screen and lock your computer so that you cannot perform anything on your system.

For computer virus removal, get in touch with the PC Workshop team in Warrington.